Full Luxury Grooming

We use all natural products that are safe for your pets.
Capstar will be given to all animals that have fleas (additional $10.00).

Our Full Luxury Groom Service Includes:

• Custom Coat and Skin Analysis to determine the best shampoo & conditioner
• Not one but two shampoo baths to really get a deep down clean.
• A full coat brush-out
• Hand/Fluff blow dry
• Ear cleaning and ear hair removed
• Nails trimmed
• Pads,paws and face trimmed and styled
• Sanitary trim and anal gland evaluation
• Standard breed or specific clip style we also offer full body shave down or unique request.
• For those long-hair breeds that do not require a clip our ultimate 5 step de shed technique and coat style or shave down we offer our Ultimate De-Shed technique that dramatically reduces or eliminates shedding between grooms.