Cancellation PolicyHours of Operation:
8:30am – 4:00pm Tuesday-Friday
8:30am – 2:00pm Saturday

Scheduling Your Pet
We open at 8:30 and like pets in no later than 11:00.

If you need your pet back by a certain time let us know when you make your appointment if not we will call you when we are finished.  We do our very best to get every ones pet out in a timely matter.  Some clients like them here all day, some like them after lunch and some like them back ASAP.  The reason we have them in before 11:00 is to make sure we met every ones specifications. 


Due to high volume and high demand, any express grooms requested will be subject to an additional charge.

DROP OFF 8:30-9:00 AM

Small to Medium by 12:00   $10.00
Large to X-Large by 12:00   $15.00

All Express Groom’s must be requested upon making your appointment. If you have any questions, please fill free to call us. Thank you.

You have until 4:00pm to pick up your pet.

Anything after 4:00pm you will be charged an after hours fee of a $1.00 a minute.


Our groomers work on commissions and tips only. If you can not make your appointment please notify us within 24 hours so we can fill in the appointment for others waiting. There will be a $20.00 cancellation fee if not notified within 24 hours.

All dogs must be current on rabies shots. All other vaccinations should be current but not required. This is for your pets safety. Titer tests should be done in place of yearly vaccinations if you choose not to have your pet vaccinated.

Matted Pets:
It is very painful to demat your pet. If it is possible to brush out the mats I will for an extra charge. If it is not in the best interest of your pet to be brushed out, It will be necessary to shave him or her down. If shaving is necessary you will be informed in advance.

Elderly Pets:
We strive to make all pets as comfortable as possible, we will groom them in whatever style is best for the pet to make them comfortable, with as little stress as possible.

Injury to Animals:
We take Extreme caution to the animals we groom. If a injury happens when the dog is in our care we will notify you asap! . If you feel like a injury happened to your dog while in our care, Please notify us within 24 hours.

Tonya Akin
Dog Gone Cute Grooming
Owner/ Master Groomer 36+ years