Prices and Policy

Cancellation PolicyWe open at 8:30 and like I pets in no later than 11:00.  If you need your pet back by a certain time let us know when you make your appointment if not we will call you when we are finished.  We do our very best to get every ones pet out in a timely matter.  Some clients like them here all day, some like them after lunch and some like them back ASAP.  The reason we have them in before 11:00 is to make sure we met every ones specifications.

Capstar will be given to all animals that have fleas (additional $10.00)


Dog Size Guide Luxury Groom Mini Groom Luxury Bath
Small Dog (0-25 lbs.) $55 and up $30 and up $25 and up
Medium Dog (25-50 lbs.) $65 and up $40 and up $35 and up
Large Dog (50-100 lbs.) $75 and up $55 and up $45 and up

Over 100 lbs additional fees apply.


Mini Doodles: $80.00 and up
Regular Size Doodles: $110.00 and up
Giant Doodles: $125.00 and up

Prices are based on condition of coat, behavior of dog and track of time. We keep track of the time it takes us to complete the groom. Many Doodle’s have different types of hair. We strongly suggest if you have a puppy please make a appointment for a Mini Groom for their first grooming experience as soon as possible.


Additional Services:
Nail Trim $8 to $10
Ear Cleaning $10
Teeth Brushing $10
Capstar $10
Medicated Bath $10
Dremel Nails $10 to $15
De matting $25 per hour extra
Our prices are based on 6-8 week Maintenance Groom. 
Any Groom over 9 weeks will be subject to Additional Charges.
Any Groom over 16 weeks will be subject to New Client price increase.
Extra charge will be added for:
Difficult Dogs 
Rush Grooms
Late pick-up times
Unaltered Males and Females in Season
Dog Gone Cute Grooming